According to Italian law:

Things of archaeological interest by whomever and however they are found, underground or on the seabed, belong to the State (Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code, art. 91).
In the case of occasional discoveries, the discoverers are therefore obliged to report the discovery of the immovable or movable items indicated in art. 10 within 24 hours to the Superintendency or the Mayor or the public safety authority and to take care of their conservation by leaving them in the condition and place in which they were found. The Superintendent also informs the Carabinieri responsible for the protection of cultural heritage of the discovery (Code, art. 90).
When it is not possible to ensure the safekeeping of movable items, the discoverer has the right to remove them, requesting the assistance of the police if necessary. Any expenses incurred for safekeeping and removal are reimbursed by the Ministry.